Escape Room Tips

New to escape rooms? Start here

So you are going to your first escape room. This is an exciting time! We have plenty of general tips for all levels of experience that are also helpful tips for life, but if this if your first game you may not be entirely familiar with how escape rooms even work. We are here to […]

What is the age limit for an escape room?

Before we start, let me acknowledge: yes, every kid is different. As with all parenting advice, only you, the loving parent, can truly know what is best for your kids. That said: the lower age limit for kids is 10 years old and older. This age is based on Rigorous Science* (*“science”). I test all [...]

5 tips for playing escape rooms and also life

We here at Riddle Room have been running escape rooms in Minneapolis for about five years now, and in that time we’ve noticed a few patterns. The strange thing is, all the best pieces of advice for how to be good at escape rooms are also the best pieces of advice for how to be good at […]