Reviews of Riddle Room

Winner: 2017 Golden Lock-In AwardEmblem of 2017 Room Escape Artist Golden Lock-In Award

Utopia was a deeply satisfying escape room. The puzzles, narrative, and set worked in sync with one another to make us feel a story.”

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Halley G. 

“I was in need of a puzzle for a gift and the Riddle Room had an excellent selection!”

Andy M. 

“My wife and I have done dozens of rooms and Utopia is easily in our top five.”

Julie T. 

“I’ve been on a streak of giving some reviews pretty low scores but I am so glad to finally find a place that I can’t take away stars! This escape room was so fun!”

Kris L.  

“This was my first time going to the riddle room and it was awesome. Our work group had a lot of fun and time flew by, but we barely made it out!  The challenges were very well planned and required a lot of thinking and collaboration which made it interactive and rewarding with a group that doesn’t usually get to do many non-work related things together.  I highly recommend this place.”

Kaitlin U.  

“There were four of us and we absolutely LOVED it. … Anyway, I’ve been back twice more and loved every single time. Once, we had a couple join us when we booked a room as a group of 4 but the capacity for the room was 6. I was initially worried that the experience would be weird with strangers, but they were awesome and we would not have made it out without their help and teamwork.

Go to the Riddle Room! Prosper!”

Kayla T. 

“We had an amazing time at the Riddle Room!”


“we have been to a lot of escape rooms in minneapolis and this is one of the best.”


“We went with a group of four and had a great time. … Overall it was really fun to work together with my friends to figure everything out.”


“The room had unique puzzles and flowed very well. We had a great time throughout the entire experience!”


“This was the first escape room I did with kids helping. (Great Father’s Day outing for a 10 and 12 year old!) I was a little nervous that they would feel the puzzles were too challenging or obscure, but they ended up doing most of the work themselves!”


“We had a great time at the riddle room! The room was full of fun and unique puzzles!”


“We will be attending with more family members in the future! Good teamwork! We solved ours with 4 seconds left!”

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