Escape the Office

Our escape rooms make for an exciting corporate team building group event focused on problem solving, teamwork, and collaborative thinking.

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Everyone can play at once

With capacity for over 60 players at once, our Minneapolis escape room facility has enough space for your whole group to start at the same time. Whether they finish at the same time is up to them!

We have three rooms that have our Bunker game, which allows three teams to play through the same set of puzzles. We have four other games that range from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone.

Let’s get started

We can help you set up your booking for any day at any time. Get in touch with us and we’ll get your team booked.

You can also call us to set up a booking of any size at 612-787-2462.

Bulk ticket packages

Are you interested in buying 100 or more tickets at once? Buy all the escape room tickets you’ll need this year and save! Bulk ticket discounts start at 100 tickets and the more you buy, the bigger the discount gets. Email for more information about bulk ticket packages.

Our games


You and your team are the last people standing between the world and nuclear annihilation. You must find the codes and stop the launch before all of humanity is reduced to nothing more than radioactive goo and smoking craters.


Your ship is taking medical supplies to a colony that has had an outbreak of space plague. There’s just one problem: asteroid impact. Within an hour all the medical supplies will be ruined unless you can restore power. The colonists are counting on you!


There is no cause for alarm. We have detected a minor variance in the happiness of your team. Your presence is requested by the Ministry of Public Harmony for a gentle calibration scan and adjustment. The procedure is quick and harmless, and we’ll return you to your scheduled tasks in just one hour. Acquire your access passes at your earliest convenience.


The Prince’s evil brother has captured the throne through deceit! You and your ragtag team of medieval mercenaries have been hired to sneak into the castle and recover the proof that the Prince is the rightful heir to the kingdom.

Sheriff Roy

That darn sheriff has sent his deputies to arrest you! Problem is, they won’t tell you what you’ve done. All you know is that you haven’t committed any crimes and you’re pretty sure proof of your innocence is somewhere in Sheriff Roy’s office. If only you can find it before his deputies return…


“This was the greatest hour of my life. ”
-Dylan L, Yelp review

“… I love that they have the ability to have three rooms of the same experience going at the same time.”
-Sarah Sward, Google review

“I had a great time at Riddle Room at a team building event with my coworkers. The room design was so creative and well done and we all had a great time solving the puzzles. Definitely the best one I’ve been to in the twin cities.”
-Julie Dolan Johnson, Google review

“We had such an amazing time tonight at The Riddle Room! The customer service is absolutely amazing! The team there really cares about your experience and is truly invested in your group’s ability to work together to achieve a common goal! We highly recommend for sure!”
-AmandaM9498, TripAdvisor review