What is the age limit for an escape room?

Before we start, let me acknowledge: yes, every kid is different. As with all parenting advice, only you, the loving parent, can truly know what is best for your kids. That said:

the lower age limit for kids is 10 years old and older.

This age is based on Rigorous Science* (*“science”). I test all Riddle Room games with a variety of ages. When testing Sheriff Roy in December 2017, we had one group of almost all kids, ages 9 to 12. The 12 year olds dominated the room, and the 9 year olds, well. They inspired this note in the play test log:

Hand written notes from a play test session46:40 – Minecraft talk


The ages of the other players matters

Why did the 9 year olds start talking about Minecraft? Because there was someone to talk about Minecraft with. Before the Minecraft talk, they had been bouncing off the walls, treating props like toys (props aren’t toys! There’s a BIG. DIFFERENCE. I swear!), and engaging for only a few minutes at a time when the adults told them to. And it’s not their fault: that’s what being 9 is. (Note: all kids are different.) 

On the other hand, if the kid is playing with their family, they will often rise up to the level of those around them. In other words, they’ll act more mature around grownups than they will around their peers. (Note: all kids are different.) 


For groups of all kids, the best age is 12 and older.

William Chen from EscapeRoomTips.com says kids should be at least 13 years old. If the whole group is made up entirely of kids, then this is not bad advice. But in my experience (note: all kids are different) this underestimates 12 year olds. A 12th birthday party is a common occurrence at Riddle Room, and the literal shrieks of joy from those kids are, yes, quite loud, but also such a pleasure to hear. These are kids who get to be in charge, share an experience with each other, and actually make progress together. 


Can I bring my kids to an escape room?

Absolutely. Yes. When a family includes their children in an escape room, the kids almost always contribute as much or more than their parents. And at $27 per ticket, it’s cheaper than a babysitter. But if you bring your kids, be sure to include them. Multiple grandparents, uncles, and even parents have been so focused on solving a puzzle that they don’t hear the wise children in the room trying to draw their attention to the missing piece everyone is searching for. 


Should I bring my kids to an escape room?

Short answer: all kids are different. You are the best judge of what your kids can handle. We set an age limit as a guide, not as a rule, because we are not the arbiters of fun. Just be sure to check the difficulty rating before coming in! 


Can I bring my baby to an escape room?

A baby in an escape room

This baby is too young to be playing an escape room by herself

Yes! Please do! After my daughter was born in 2015, I still had to host games at Riddle Room every day. Some days, that meant wearing my infant child while giving pre-game rules and providing in-game hints. If you can wear your baby, that’s the best. But please, once your kid can walk and grab, avoid bringing them until they can contribute to solving puzzles.